Andrea Bien (Soprano)

São Paulo, Brasil

Andrea Bien is a lyric soprano. She obtained  her Music degree at the  Universidade Livre de Musica, and later studied at the Escola Municipal de Música de São Paulo. For over 10 years, she has performed at different types of events with live music. She has sang with with many respected professionals, both in the field of classical  and popular music. She has performed  at the opening of concerts  for many  well known singers even to a country duo  Victor and Leo and Alexandra Pires.

Mauricio Virgens (Baritone)

Colônia, Alemanha

Mauricio Virgens is a Brazilian baritone who began his musical training in his hometown of Salvador. In the year 2000 he moved to Germany where he continued his lyrical vocal studies with Grace Bumbry, Graciela Alperyn, Edda Moser and Walter Berry. He has participated in several masterclasses and international competitions. In 2003 Mauricio Virgens received an award at the international singing competition Schloss Rheinsberg. In 2006, he was again awarded at the Opera Competition organized by the Centre for Contemporary Opera in New York whose award ceremony was held at Carnegie Hall.

Flávio Benedito (Pianist)

Colônia, Brasil

Flávio Benedito is a chemical engineer and a researcher for BASF in Germany as well as an a concert pianist. He started studying and playing when he was eight years old.

He kindly donates his talent as a Master pianist to brighten Spiritist events and conferences all over Europe.

Yara L.R. Borges (Pianist)

Brasil, Suíça

Born in Anápolis-GO, she started her degree course of Bachelor of Piano at the A.I. of the Federal  University of Goiás and concluded her degree at the Federal University of Paraiba in the J. A. Kaplan class. In 1996 she obtained the diploma of Konzertpianistin by the Konservatorium of Bern. In 2001 she graduated from the Martin-Luther University in Halle, Germany, in Musikpädagogik Künstlerisches Hauptfach Klavier in class of the pianist Marco Antônio de Almeida. She has received many prizes in various national competitions and was a soloist under the baton of the conductor Eleazar de Carvalho with the Symphonic Orchestra of Porto Alegre and with the Recife Symphony Orchestra.

 With the "Brazilian Watercolor Trio" she performed at concerts organized by the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin, in Bern and the Consulate General of Brazil in Zurich and Geneva. With the Duo Bastos & Borges she appeared in Switzerland,  Argentina,  Croatia, Malaysia, Singapore, VietNam and Myanmar. She has performed with Argentine  bandoneón player  Gabriel Rivano  in Buenos Aires and in many cities in Switzerland.  She has participated of many Master Classes and continues to study and perform as a concert pianist playing classical Brazilian Music.

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